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Things I always Wanted – March 12 2009

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

It’s March 12th and the clocks went forward last Saturday, normally this would mean that spring and good weather is soon around the corner. However it snowed today and I think I am coming down with (or never got rid of my last) cold.  What a bummer. However, apparently, the mind is a powerful thing so lets work with mind of matter and think towards summer with this thing I have always wanted.

Growing up I only had one object I would call a ‘communal’ toy, a basketball net, it was a great tool to get the gang together before figuring out what kind of mischief to get into for the day.

People actually came over to my house fairly often to shoot hoops and we always had a good time. However one thing that sucked about coming to my place to play ball was that when hot and humid summer days rolled around other unleashing those hose or super soakers on each other, we just had to deal with it. This kind of sucked and meant on really hot days no one would come over they would either be inside avoiding the house or a few houses down at Corey’s house (same Corey with the General Lee Pedal car).

Corey, that lucky bastard, had a pool.  Having at a young age is like being a crack dealer in the ghetto, a great way to be really popular regardless of personality. Instead of slanging rocks though Corey slung pool invitations. You never wanted to get on his bad side or you wouldn’t get invited to swim and for a young kid he had a good memory.

During one of my periods of no invitations I leaned on my parents to get a pool but since neither of them could swim (and my dad didn’t particularily like the idea of random kids at the house all the time) I didn’t do anything other than wasted my breath.

Evenutally, after spending many days sitting in my backyard on the sprinkler a new kid, Evan, moved in down  the road and since everyone was too busy getting swimmers ear at Corey’s we became good friends. Evan loved coming over to my place so much so that I didn’t know for awhile that not only did he have a better pool than Corey he also had a bigger house/yard, a cool dog and a very big comic book collection.

Evan also had an older sister, with (if memory serves) hot friends, Corey didn’t have girls inbikini’s, so eventually Corey lost his fair weather friends (90%)  and we would all play ball at my house and head down to Evan’s to swim.

Order was restored to the block. Sure I didn’t have a pool of my own, but I guess this was the next best thing.

Oh and a family of  ducks came to Evan’s pool every spring to hang out, and ducks are pretty awesome. All Corey got was algae, ha!

Wordless Wednesday – March 11th 2009

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Kanyes Shoes are pretty ug.

50 Iconic Movie cars –


Clever and Creative Bus Advertising – Toxel

Dad kicks kid in face for fighting his son

Mike wilkinson from Mike wilkinson on Vimeo.


10 great/terrible youtube bmx/mtb crashes

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

People love carnage so I decided to give the people what they want. 10 straight up BMX/MTB crashes. Some are pretty funny others are pretty rough, all worth the watch. The flip side of positives of riding are defiantly not very pretty.

This one is pretty old, but “Flush” Fernandez actually did do a few successful jumps before this one in this video along with Robbie Miranda, Adam Strieby, and Colin Winkleman (rip).

The first one in this is pretty stupid, but the one near the end is hilarious. Poor homeless guy (haha pun).

I plan on trying some downhill riding this year and I really, really, really hope this does not happen to me.

I’m really not sure how his front wheel did that. Were all his spokes lose?

People always leave flatland videos out of lists like these. But this fall looks terribly awkward.

Another old one but still pretty good. Not sure what he was thinking when he did that, or better yet what was going through his head as he cleared the second set sans bicycle.

You can guess the outcome of this one after about 3 seconds. I really hope dude was ok. Damn.

900s used to be a make it or get knocked the fuck out type trick. Not so much anymore.

Poor girl, at least it hit her shoulder.

This one was on MTV’s scarred (which I can’t watch) and is terrible. Not for the faint of heart. I hate stair gaps.

Watchmen Movie Review

Monday, March 9th, 2009

I have been interested in this movie ever since I saw the first trailer and had no idea what was going in. Once I did a little research I discovered it was based on a graphic novel and I snatched it up quickly. Upon reading it I was eagerly anticipating the release date. All the legal drama around the release date, and the fact it almost didn’t get released at all, had me worried but thankfully it opened this weekend and I had a chance to go see it.

If you don’t know the story or anything about the movie here are a few key things to know before you see it

-It’s a superhero movie but there is only one ’superhero’ in it
-It’s not a kids movie, don’t bring them it’s got full frontal male  nudity
-It’s set in an alternate 1985 where Richard Nixon is president and has been for awhile

-It’s long, almost 3 hours, if you have a small bladder skip the extra large drink
-If you have not yet, read the graphic novel, its great
-For those of you that have, ya some things were changed, deal with it

Now that that’s all out of the way lets get to my thoughts on the movie. Anyone who as read the book understands why previous directors have deemed it unfilmable, there is a lot of content to cover, and lots of scenes to portray.

However all of my doubts that the film would be faithful to the book were cast aside after the opening sequence. The opener nicely goes through a lot of the back story from the novel that took awhile to read without boring new viewers.

It also looks  plain bad ass. It was online, but it’s already been taken down, sorry, you will have to go see it.

Now moving past the initial fight scene, and opening sequence, the movie follows along the graphic novel basically panel for panel. The amount of accuracy and research done by the production crew behind this movie is amazing. The graphic novel was basically their storyboard and if anything was changed it was just for the better.

The fight scenes are well choreographed and extremely graphic (no surprise to those of you who have seen 300), and the slow motion is used just enough. The acting is pretty much on point for every character (the actor  that plays Big Figure I have not seen in long time) and Jackie Earle Haley did a great job in portraying Rorschach. I particularly like the scenes when Rorschach was in jail, those are some of my favorite from the book so I am glad they were done well.

All those great things aside, I felt that the movie did have some pacing problems. It moved a long in a somewhat slow methodical matter.

Two people I have talked to fell asleep briefly.

A few or the transitions from scene to scene were fairly evident that it was from book to book. I am not sure how this would have been avoidable and still faithful to the novel, so it’s just something to consider when you go and see it.

Personally I enjoyed the movie and I plan to purhcase the DVD so I can watch the extended version (and the tales of the black freighter). However I am aware that my opinion is biased having read and enjoyed the novel, so for those of you that saw it and have not read it what do you think?

Blogs worth a look Part 1

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

I’ve decided (well with some gentle nudging of others), that in addition to regular feature blogs (Wordless Wednesdays, Things I always Wanted, and Selfless BMX) I am also going to split up certain, longer, topics into parts and tie them all together via related links at the bottom. That way I don’t end up with 2000+ word blogs and I keep you coming back for more like a good drug dealer. So without further adieu here is my first post about blogs worth a look.

The internet is a great way to kill effectively use up time. I keep a pretty good virtual Rolodex of blogs for when I have some spare time to effectively use. I have decided to bust these out into category’s and post my top 3 of each. This time around the category’s are: human stupidity,Nerd, and Music

Human stupidity blogs
I have a really unhealthy obsession with this blog almost as unhealthy as the food featured on it. Some of the recipes and pictures on this site are things that I would not mind trying a piece of, while others… well just check it out for yourself. Just maybe before lunch, as if you are going to be sick it’s better to do so on an empty stomach rather than a full one.

This blog is amazing, it’s frequently updated with the most ridiculous feats of stupidity every found and collected on the internet. My only gripe is that although all the posts are really funny sometimes you have absolutely no idea what is being said or you wish you had a little bit more information about the video so you have an idea of what happened after.

Engrish Funny
Engrish is poor translations of the English language done by those who don’t fluently speak it. You see it a lot on dollar store merchandise and so forth. Some people also speak it but it’s not really as funny when spoken. This blog is a catalog of the best of written Engrish around the world.

Nerd Blogs

I found Bamkapow via digg at work one day and have been hooked ever since. It’s classified as a superhero blog, and the writing and commentary is great, however I feel what really  sets this blog apart  are the themed galleries like this Megan Fox gallery one for example.

Topless Robot
Despite it’s seemingly unsafe for work name, topless is actually very safe for work and really interesting if you are into “Nerd-news, humor, and Self Loathing”. Bam and Topless kind of overlap often in terms of content, but, where Bam has Galleries, Topless has amazing lists. The one about the 10 worst Transformers Rip offs is one of my favorites.

i09 is my first entry from the gawker media network, but expect to seem them pop up in every post in this series. Gawker does a great job of keeping their blogs interesting to read even though others (see above) have access to  the same content.


Nah Right
Nah Right is a hip hop news blog. Since I sit behind a glowing box writing xhtml/css drowning out my office psace depression with headphones I go through new music at an alarming rate. Lucky for me Nah Right pumps out links to new tracks faster than I can listen.

The Digital Undaground
The Digital Undaground is another hip hop blog but they don’t post as much news as they do new albums and songs. Whenever a new album comes out online I check here first. But a word of caution I got a virus from one of the links, so watch out and if you are at work make sure you have admin rights and know how to get rid of viruses.

This blog is really just a gossip blog, however it seems to mainly focus on gossip from the music industry so I am going to put it here under music. Admitting I read about celeb gossip from time to time is pretty emasculating but I would rather read bossip then that other blog by that fat ugly dude.

Be sure to check back soon for blogs I check out in the following categories; design, automotive, bmx,gadgets, videogames, and sports.

This post is part of a series, be sure to check out part 2

Self Hype

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

I know, I know, its Thursday and I owe you an article about something I always wanted. But I have been feeling myself lately (not like that) and I decided to pull the ‘my blog my rules’ card, again, and post some new riding shots of myself and a little commentary to go with them.

Dave Thomas BMX Air

Sessions for me normally start out like this and throw down a few straight airs since unlike a lot of the younger kids I need to warm up. I can’t just drop in and throw down. Sometimes there is nothing more satisfying then just cruising the mini and airing it out.

DaveThomas BMX Xup

X-ups are pretty much my go to trick, they are a fun simple timeless trick, I toss these out almost as much as I do smith grinds. I really don’t know what I would do if I hurt my shoulders and couldn’t x up anymore.

Dave Thomas BMX Tire Grab
Dave Thomas BMX Tire Grab

Tire-grabs are another old favorite of mine, I normally throw them soon after my first x-up of the day. Apparently this is about the time I start breaking out the funny riding faces as well. Good thing I am no model.

Dave Thomas BMX Toboggan
Dave Thomas BMX Toboggan

Toboggans are a recent addition to my shallow bag of tricks. My friend Mike has been doing them for ages, and since he is in Calgary now I figured I could poach his trick until he gets back. While filming this video I finally learned to get them decent.

Dave Thomas BMX Whip Air

I learned to whip on this very ramp about a year or so ago and it is still my favorite ramp to do them on call it nostalgia or just comfort but I can do them the best on this ramp.

Everyday I am out riding I get the excitement of my first session and hope it won’t be my last it’s a feeling that is hard to describe to people who don’t ride but those who do know exactly what I am talking about.

All photos credit of:John Best Challinor III

Wordless Wednesday March 04 2009

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

I am starting to wonder how many times I have spelled Wednesday wrong in the past.  I should go check that out.

This cop is pretty brave…

Nascar Drift

I have to try this one day

Anyone translate?

Best finger bike ever? (It’s actually a custom 1/3 scale)

How to paint your bike properly – Ride bmx

I gotta gooooo

Taking it all in


16 Restaurant Industry Secrets 2009

Terminator Salvation > Sarah Connor Chronicles

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Being an all around robot fan, I am also a Terminator fan. I have seen all of the movies, and I am one of the few people who watch the Sarah Connor Chronicles, so when this new Terminator Salvation Trailer dropped this morning I was pretty excited.

This movie is going to be so much better than that last cash grab T3, and going to make the strange robot love story/ teen angst vessel that is SCC look pretty silly (but Summer Glau will still look great).

Christian Bale is an incredible actor so you know the action is going to be top notch. The trailer also alludes to the fact that this movie is going to be exploring areas previous ones have not (and based entirely in a post sky net fucking up world phase) and again since Mr Bale doesn’t sign on for garbage it should be a well rounded joy ride down explosion valley.

I can’t wait.

Oh and The Watchmen opens Friday, and I will have my seat reserved with the rest of the nerds.

and this is coming too…

I better start saving my movie ducets now.

My Transformers collection

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

This past weekend I moved in with my girlfriend, and to her disdain my Transformers collection came with me. I’ve been meaning to blog about my collection for awhile and since I had to unpack this was my best opportunity to do so.

About half way through taking the pictures Lyndsey took over, but I don’t think you will notice the transition.

Transformers Car Show Blow Up Cover

This book is all that remains of my childhood Transformers collection. That makes it 20-22 years old. I plan to scan it and post it’s contents as a blog similar to what I did with BMX in Action 1987.

New Transformer Comic Book Collection

These are my newer comic books. The first book is a collection of the greatest battles between Optimus Prime. It’s a pretty decent collection of stories and a few are mentioned in the 10 most notable deaths of Optimus Prime over on Topless Robot.

The rest of the comics are newer DW versions, these ones all have pretty stellar artwork with the GI Joe cross over being the best of the bunch. The Transformers have never looked better in print before this series.

The last one at the bottom is a prequel to the movie that my friend Grant picked up on free comic book day.

Old School Transformers Comics

These 20-22 year old UK exclusive comics ended up in my hands courtesy of my friend Maz who lives in Scotland. Over about the course of a year she would find comics (lord knows how or where) and mail them to me randomly. It was a pretty rad thing of her to do and I am glad to have them in my collection.

Transformers Movie Collection

I have too many Transformers movies, or I should say too many different copies of the same movies. Of the 5 picured there is only 3 different feature length amounts of content, and the Ultimate Battle one sucks (too much Armada).

Worst yet is I still don’t have all of the bonus features of the new film I am missing the one that has the Transforming case.

Autobot Perler Beads

This is the only thing in my collection that I made. It took a long time to finish but I am now the only person who has an Autobot symbol made of Perler beads that doesn’t suck.

Blue Streak, Megatron, Sideswipe, Jazz, Sandstorm

This is my group of normal size Autobots and one Megatron. In order of appearance: Blue streak (G1* reproduction), Megatron (G2* Ultimate battle version), Sandstorm (Original 1986 triple changer), Jazz (G1 heroes mini bot), and Sideswipe (G1 Reproduction).

(G1 = Generation 1 [1984-1991] G2 = Generation 2[1992-?])

Alternate Modes:

Blue Streak, Megatron, Sideswipe, Jazz, Sandstorm

Blue streak was a gift from Lyndsey, and actually re kick started my figure collection, Megatron, Jazz, and Sideswipe I bought (Sideswipe from Value Village hence the missing tires) and my friend Rachel gave me Sandstorm for Christmas one year.

Next is my collection of arguably everyone’s favorite, and most famous Transformer Optimus Prime. I have three so far, and I plan to get at least one more.

Ultimate Battle Optimus Prime, 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime, Powermaster Optimus Prime

From left to right; Ultimate Battle Optimus Prime (Boxset with the Megatron above and the Ultimate Battle DVD), 20th (movie) Anniversary Optimus Prime, and Powermaster Optimus Prime (1988).

My brother gave me the 20th anniversary Prime but I bought the other two. The Powermaster version was actually purchased to replace the one I had stolen from me as a child (kid asked to borrow it then moved the next day) so I am really glad to have one back in my possession.

Ultimate Battle Optimus Prime, 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime, Powermaster Optimus Prime

This shot is pretty cool since it shows the discrepancies between how Optimus Prime has been represented as a toy over the years, I guess it was up to toy manufactures discretion as to what artwork they used to base the toy molds on.

Powermaster Prime also folds out into a cool battle station, with Hi-q Transforming into a little robot to man the guns.

Powermaster Station

That’s the sum of my collection right now minus the Movie game for ps2, seven or so Transformer shirts and a beat up Powermaster Optimus (cab) that sits on my desk from work.

One day I hope to have a bit bigger of a collection (nothing in the million dollar range) and a nice display case to put them in. But until then they sit in a cubby in the entertainment unit as a reminder to my gf that shes dating a nerd.