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Ribfest is awesome

Monday, June 29th, 2009

For the past 3 or 4 years Lyndsey and I have been going to the Toronto Ribfest at Centennial Park in Etobicoke. It is a pretty great way to  kill a day if you bring some picnic supplies to go with your ribs. This year we actually remembered to pack everything and spent a good six or so hours in the park eating ribs, flying kites and hanging upside down. I also took a few pictures on the way.

Surprisingly I find this extremely terrifying to do.


I took this shot from the entrance normally we go  on Canada Day but since it’s  raining this Canada Day we went a few days early. This is the least busy I have ever seen it on Canada day it’s  packed.


One day I want to drive a cool promo car like this:


Or this:


The Ribbers always have cheesy/creative signs




We always choose based on sign and even though this one had no  previous awards we decided to give the under dawg a chance


God bless you rib man


The best part of the day, I always get the mix  this time I got 1/4 Rack, 1/4 Chicken, Beans, Coleslaw and it was good!


Nothing burns off a good rib feast like flying kites, I actually really enjoy flying kites. Lyndsey’s got stuck in a tree, typical.


I should really  start cooking my own ribs… hmm anyone have an  recipes?

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Fanboy Review

Friday, June 26th, 2009

It should be of no secret to anyone that I am basically the definition of a Transformers fan boy. I know my Generation 1 facts inside and out, and basically grew up with the series via syndication.

I love Transformers and I will share that fact with anyone who will listen. Therefore I think its pretty amazing how many people give both of the movies poor reviews about story, plot, character development etc.

Going into any Transformers movie you must realize a few things:

Its directed by Michael Bay – You either like his style or you don’t
Alien Robots come to earth take vehicle forms and shoot a lot – Basic premise, accept it, there is not much more too it
It is and always was a way to sell somethingIn the past it was toys, now its movie tickets, cars, and more toys

The movie was not meant to leave you with any sort of profound message it was just meant to entertain, deafen, and overload your senses while paying homage to its roots.  This second movie does all of  this Soundwave is in it with his original voice, wheelie is in it in a similar role as the first film, and their is a toss back  to the matrix of leadership, time was spent trying to  please us, the original fans.

The battle scenes in Transformers 2 are much easier to follow than  those of  the first revamp which allows the audience to see just how much ass their favorite character is kicking.  However where the  action scenes have been  improved the character development has suffered.

Sam and Mikaela’s characters advance a little bit but not too much, where as Sam’s Parents play a similar humorous role as they did in the first film although with one gag  running a little too long.  The rest of the human characters from the previous film return with one of them being much more useful in this film than the previous, but his previous useless self is replaced with another heel who gets tazed, twice.

Megan Fox down src=

The Autobots do not really have their characters expanded on much in this film, with a whole slew of new ones being introduced with barley any back story, introduction, or speaking roles. A few get killed off shortly after uttering their first lines. The Decepticons also get quite a few new minions that are about has hard to kill as the Puddies from Power Rangers but do get more back story and the relationship between Megatron and Starscream is more reminiscent of the old series which is nice.

However the big guns, Bumble Bee, Megatron, Starscream, and Jetfire all kick ass and the best part of the movie for me was the fact that Optimus Prime kicks ass for a SIGNIFICANT amount of time twice!

It brought back the exact same feelings I had while watching this scene as a child:

At the end of the day Revenge of the Fallen was an amusing action movie with little plot and character development that happened to go on a little bit too long. This movie is no where near as bad as it could of been (or GI Joe is going to be) people just need to accept it for what it is and take it at face value and not try to go any deeper because there is still nothing there.

People also need to stop putting Skids and Mudflap under a microscope they are not nearly as offensive to me as a black person as people are making it out to seem, Devestators balls offended me much more.
Skids and Mudflap

Wordless Wed – June 24th 2009

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Free Tangy Zangy Candy

17 unusual and creative headphones – Toxel

Ten Highly-Suggestive Automotive Print Ads

Pic Dump

Transformers Rise of The Fallen Game Trailer

I use the yahoo

Crazy Bridge

Don’t blame him

Creek Jump

My experience at tv preview

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

A week or so ago my dad gave me two tickets he had mailed to him for “Tv-Preview”. He’s not really the type that goes to things so he figured at least 2 of them should go to use rather than  wasting the whole four. TV preview was the oppurtunity to watch two pilots of a tv show before they hit they air. They toted it as me being able to help choose the next shows that end up on the air. Sounded pretty sweet.

The event was held in the bottom floor of a local hotel and upon arriving you had to give your tickets and state whether or not you were from a media agency. If you said no you got in and received a sealed package with paper.

If you said yes you got tarred and feathered… actually I don’t know what happened no one said yes but lets assume you would have been tarred and feathered.

One part of the package  was market research, you had to circle your  favorite shampoo out of a bunch of images of shampoos for example, and the other we were not allowed to open until the show started because it contained questions that the MC had to ask you about the show and without the questions the answers just didn’t make any sense.

I was expecting the tv’s  to be pretty high quality and the atmosphere to be movie like but it wasn’t at all. The tvs were just ok  and the  chairs kind of sucked, this was  explained by the fact  that when they used to do these previews in movie theaters the results were all skewed since most people like that is played in a movie theater just because of the size of the  screen comfort of the chairs and the sound.

We got to watch two shows, one drama and one comedy, before we watched the shows we had pilots explained to us. A pilot is a test episode of a particular show shot in the way they wanted it to look at that time. The idea is to show this to a network and audience to positive reviews and get it picked up for national broadcast. However not all shows are picked up right away, for example 90210 was shelved for 10 years before being taken  down re shoot and re worked into the hit it became.

So these shows were dated as hell reminiscent of watching the christian channel or retro tv, the first show was called “Soulmates” it was about two people connecting in present life who both thought they had been lovers in their previous life. Honestly it was pretty stupid, really stupid actually, its a show I would have never watched it. It was on the lovey dovey side except the chemistry was really bad, it had two interesting points though the first was that the lead actor was young Robert Kneeper (aka T Bag from Prison Break) and the lead actress never wore a bra. Other than that it was pretty snooze worthy.

After this first show we had to answer some questions about whether or not we liked it, if we thought the tittle worked, how was the on stage chemistry etc etc.  Then some prizes were drawn and we had to cirlce more products we would use over others.

The second show, the  comedy, was called Dads and while it was not terrible I think for it to really be funny you had to be a parent. It had one of the lesbians from Friends in it and some guy who was a less talented Tony Danza, oh and one of the Golden Girls as a German day car camp teacher. All in all I enjoyed it more than the first but it was fairly old as well.

After this there was more of the same answering of questions and what not. The whole expireance wasn’t terrible but was not near what I expected either. I thought I would be watching something new and cool that would give me bragging rights when it got on tv but really I just did a bunch of market research for shampoo companies and watched so so television. That being said I would probably do it again because it was free and I am a sucker!

Co Sign Wale All Day

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

I have liked Wale ever since he did his mix tape about nothing, so when I found out that he was doing a new one called Back to the Feature, I made sure to pay attention to when it came out.

Then A long time passed…

It has now dropped and I have gave it a listen last night at the skatepark and I really dig it. Of 2009 “Rap Freshmen” class Wale is defiantly the one I’m riding with the most.

His rhyme style is tight, he flows well over basically any beat and his pop culture references make him seem like a dude I would get along with really well not to mention his album covers are awesome.

mix tape about nothing

Back the Feature

Back to the feature is free and you can get it here curtosey of Nah Right

Wale feat Lady GaGa – Chillin “This is the sore thumb of the record” – Wale

Old Man Logan is awesome

Friday, June 19th, 2009

One day killing time at a chapters I picked up a comic called “Old Man  Logan” and flipped through it. I am not really a big comic book reader mainly because the stories can span so many different issues and tittles that  it takes forever  to finish a story arc.  This one however was an 8 issue mini series so keeping tabs on what was going  on wouldn’t be hard. Once I read through the first issue I loved the  concept.

Wolverine is popular and has been around forever and I have read quite a few of his mini-series sets (Origins, The end etc) but this is by far my favorite. The basic story line without ruining things is this: 90% of the hero population was wiped out after the villains teamed up with each other and organized an attack. During this attack  Wolverine (now Logan) was hurt so bad mentally  that he vowed never to hurt another living thing again.  If you can believe it he is now a farmer who has to pay rent to the grand  sons of the  Hulk.

That is until he is short one month and needs extra money and therefor goes on an adventure  with Hawk eye…

The post Apocalyptic setting  of the comic gives it a Mad Max feel and the dark and then  suddenly vibrant panel compliment  the present and flash back based story telling. It’s worth checking out and if you don’t believe me take a look at some of these panels.

They Hulk Kids
Old Man Logan
Hawkeye is blind in this continuity, still drives though
Old Man Logan
Wolverine pre life altering fight
Old Man Logan
Wolverine During life altering fight
Old Man
Hawkeyes Daughter is kind of a bitch
Old Man
The Red Skull wearing Captain Americas Uniform that he claimed after killing him
Old Man Logan src=
Uh oh
Old Man Logan src=
He’s back
Old Man Logan src=

I really hope they extend this story line slightly past 8 issues (maybe 30?) so that I can get a little bit more of the action.

Trendy BMXER or not?

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Stole this from my friend, who stole it from the come up

Skinny bars? Yes.  My bars are uncut now and they are even considered skinny. My x ups were terrible for a long time for no good reason though.

Big bars? Not Yet
Chain wallet? Yes, a bike chain wallet actually, they told me I couldn’t wear it to school
Front brake? For a day
No brake? For a day, different day then above obviously
4 piece bars? No way,  I did want haro knee savers pretty bad for awhile

haro knee savers

Pegs? Always, hell I made my own
Pegless? Only racing or vert.
Motor bike chain? Yes, on two bikes.
Hip hop jeans? Obviously
Girls jeans? Obviously not
Elbow pads? Never two at the same time though
Peg chinks? Downside peg misses count?
5 inch pegs? Maybe actually.
Dickies pants? Yes they ripped and were stupid hot.
New Era? Not yet.
Studded belt? Neg.
Roof drop? Not interested
Half barspin? Yes for about a week.
Kick flips/Crank flips? I’ve done 1 ever, hurts my ankle to kick them
3/4 length long sleeve? No
Gyro? Only after learning whips… really long cable before then



Nokon cable? No…
Slammed or no seat post? No
Manual to 180? I can’t really manual all that well
Hand plant? No.
Multicoloured frame? The condor above was the most colors I have ever had a bike
Flourescent bike parts? Had a bright green cable once

Unlook back? No
Bandana? No don’t know how to tie them
Multiple foot jams? No
Dread locks? Chea!
Roll out half cab-Parrick style? Don’t half cab often
Roll out sliders? Sometimes
Emo fringe? Nah

Worldess Wed June 17 2009

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

The thing with G.I. Joe is that it tries to have the same spirit and flavor as Transformers–it’s really evident… but an ultimate failure. – BamKapow

Pontiac Sunfire-Based Fake Lamborghini Ends Up In Junkyard – Jalopnik

Lego…Uh, Tyco Brick Phone Circa 1983 – Gizmodo

Pic Dump

Go Away

Tyson Fight

when you see it you will shit bricks


Built Ford Tough with Chevy stuff

Play Him Off Keyboard cat

Cops still trippin

I did not know this existed

You just don’t case things like this

20 dudes steal an ATM go team!

I cover my pin all the time and my gf gets mad

Buggin out 09

Respect My Conglomerate

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

When I started Random As Rhyme I always knew it would lead to another side project (well right now my only project) and I am proud  to announce that I have a second blog now focused on the automotive lifestyle. It’s called Stance Is Everything and it’s all about vehicles with the perfect stance. However this doesn’t  mean that Random is going anywhere. Quite the opposite, it just means that the content will be more diverse as oppose to every Wordless Wed containing a few pictures of cars.

I hope  some of you will hop over there every once and awhile and check  it out. As for the rest of you here is something completely random.

My friend, Patty, sent me these photos today of a guy who is riding this Hello Kitty Scooter across Canada for Charity. I can’t seem to find any other information about it on the web thought so I think he was lying and this is his daily mod of transport.

Hello Kitty Scooter

Hellow Kitty Scooter

The timeline of getting “let go”

Monday, June 15th, 2009

So I got let go from my job today.

This has never happened to me before but seems to be happening to a lot of people in this job market. It’s kind of an interesting experience and writing has always been somewhat of a coping mechanism of mine so I figured I would blog it.

I am not going to name names or anything because that is unprofessional but I will outline how it all went down best I can remember.

9:00 Get to work as usual, open my outlook, msn etc, start preparing for my “mid year performance meeting” and going over somethings to discuss that I don’t feel were going so well the past 6 months and how we can work to improve them. At this point I am still employed.

9:30 Manager comes and gets me and we go into meeting room, I notice we are not going to our normal meeting room which didn’t strike me as odd at the time. Walk into the meeting room and I see the HR representative and the writings on the wall. This writing says “HA HA YOU’RE FUCKED”.

9:32 My manger informs me that I am being let go due to skill set incompatability, which is kind of an ego blow, I wish he said due to B.O. or something tangible as for what I was originally hired for I am very good.

9:35 My manager wishes me luck and says that he can be a reference if I so need it and leaves. I am curious about what sort of reference he would give if he sees me as under qualified but that sorta washes out with the other stuff running through my head.

The HR guy tells me some stuff about my severance package and what not. He also says that I don’t  have to sign it right away and that they have a taxi  chit for me since they don’t want me going home “in this state”.

“This state” stands out, what kind of state am I in? Did my hair suddenly change color? How does he know what kind of state I am in? I wonder what kind of state HE is in since he has to do this fairly often now.

9:40 A grievance/transition counselor guy comes in, and the HR guy leaves. This guy seems nice enough and offers me some services to help me get a new job. I will probably take him up on his offer since what else do I have to do now?  We exchange info.

I never got up to shake his hand or anything but he never really offered either. I was actually relived as I didn’t much feel like shaking hands. So far today I have shaken zero hands.

9:45 Return to my desk and pack up my stuff, mainly headphones, ipod, Ride BMX mags, some toys, have to go back for a few more things, forgot my phone charger (no I didn’t) so I will have to go back sooner rather than later. I have to return my signed severence package also so I will do it all at the same time.

9:50 Everyone is telling me how shocked they are, not to many people knew I guess which is nice because it helps me not feel like the but end of some big joke.

I don’t really know what to say and I am having a hard time talking. I have also become aware  of the fact that I am sweating pretty bad and thankful I am wearing a dark shirt so no one can notice. The old spice deodorant seems to be holding out pretty decent so it was worth the $2.49

I wander around the office a little bit looking for some of the other co workers to say goodbye too but they are in meetings so I peace out.

10:00 I call my gf, and mom but not my Dad as I don’t want to hear the time to go back to school speech right now.

My Mom says “Oh shit”. She doesn’t swear to often so that’s kind of amusing. I have brief conversations with them about new beginnings and what not while I sorta walk aimlessly down the street half heart-ed-ly hailing cabs as I go.

10:15 I am off the phone now and some dude asks me how my day is going, surprising even myself, I answer him with  “Been better you?”. He replies saying He is good thanks for asking and I notice he is carrying a hat with a brain sticking out of it. Is he some sort of a zombie?

Turns out it’s Jerry The Brain Guy, and yes, he is kind of a zombie since he died twice due to a head injury and now has a company based around that and writes books. He also invented some kind of thing that helps you learn better. It’s all  pretty crazy and he has a bunch of youtube videos if you want to check it out.

He asks me what I want to do and I tell him that, ideally, I would have a successful action sports store and it would be awesome.

He tells me a bit more about his lifes story and says that the only thing standing in the way of my dreams really is myself and that if I need anything to contact him. Thats kind of neat, normally I don’t talk to people on the street and this guy had an interesting story and didn’t charge me any money to hear it.

10:20 I finally get a cab ask the dude if he is ok with going to Mississauga, he says yes and get in. Once in he see’s my taxi chit and tells me to go to the guy in front of him. For the first time since I got ‘let go’ I am angry. Fuck dude if you didn’t want me as a fare you should have said no!

10:21 Get in the other cab, this one smells so I crack the window and I am on the way home.

10:45 I Realize my cars at the Go station and I told him home so I  give the cab driver the worst directions to get there. I am in a haze at this point so it’s a bit hard to navigate someone who doesn’t know the area I really just want to tell him he is a cab driver get a damn GPS.

However my old companies picking up the bill though so I am not stressing over  the cost.

10:50 I am filling out the taxi chit, seriously don’t want to be doing this and I’m annoyed going on angry now. I hate taxis and I just want to go home.

I have actually been writing this blog most of the ride home in my head and  filling out the time and date of the pick up is screwing up my thought process.

10:55 I yell to the cabby yo ho smell ya later.

11:00 Hop in my whip (well mine as long as I can keep paying for it) and drive home.

11:30 Start writing this blog and thinking about what to do with the rest of the day. BMX seems approrpriate given the weather and my new abundance of time but I feel sorta shaky like I couldn’t actually ride right now I am pretty tired and somewhat shaky, I sort of feel similar to after a hard work out at the gym or something.