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Wordless Wed July 29th 2009

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Sex Doll for Dogs Is Finally a Reality – Gizmodo

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Sick Exhaust

Ironman Anime

Book of Eli looks sick


I still do not know what this is

Should Auto shop be a mandatory course in high school?

Monday, July 27th, 2009

On the weekend my girlfriend got a flat on her new car, I won’t say how, but she got one. She has road side assistance so someone could have come to change it but it was much easier for me to just do it rather than waiting around for someone to come help. This got me thinking should Auto shop be a mandatory course in high school?

I know there are probably quite a few people driving out there who have no idea how to put their spare tire on, change or even check their own oil, change or check their own brake pads, or even change their own wiper blades. To me these are all basic necessities of owning and operating a vehicle. Driving a car without at least having some of an idea how these things are done can not only leave you stranded on the side of the road but also leave you at the mercy of mechanics everywhere.

In high school I took as much Auto shop (Transportation Technologies) as possible. Not only because I love cars and loved the class (shout outs to Mr Dinner for making it great) but also because I saw the skills I learned as important to my future. I have used the skills I learned in this class much more than I have my french or geometry. Some of it is due to the fact that I like to modify my cars and some of them just due to the fact that shit likes to happen to me and my vehicles. Knowing these skills has saved me a considerable amount of money in both modification and maintenance bills.

If you think of all the things that you learned in high school that you have not used at all in your adult life would sneaking in a month or even two weeks of basic automotive knowledge really have been that bad? It could mean the difference between talking 15 minutes to do it yourself on snowy day and waiting in the ditch for someone to slide into it and hit you. Just saying…


Girls who can work on their own car are also hotter, again, just saying.

I know for a fact I could have used a few wood shop classes as I am not very good with a saw. Not terrible but not great. I have an upcoming project though that should change all that.

Wordless Wed July 22nd 2009

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

12 Steampunk Gadgets – Toxel

Beautiful Examples of Vexel Art – Smashing Magazine

Mini R/C usb helicopter – Toxel

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Need a job soon to buy this

Dolphin Sub Is Awesome

Man Stroke Woman

What they don’t tell you about eating better

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Those of you following a long might have heard me speak previously on the fact that I started eating better since a bout with the stomach flu this new years. Aside from not gaining any unwanted weight and feeling generally better physically and better about myself I didn’t really expect any other effects. However last Saturday I realized my assumptions were wrong.

I love hot dogs that you get from street vendors, be it out front of Canadian Tire, or on the street corner in Toronto. In the summers of the past I used eat more than my fair share of the random meat concoction that make up hot dogs and sausages. However since my ‘health kick’ most of this ’summer’ (booo 22 degrees) has gone by without me eating any.

When you are out riding street with your homies stopping at a hot dog cart is par for the course and since I had not had one in awhile I decided to treat my self to the real deal, a honey garlic sausage, why not?

Well had I known that about an hour later I would be holding vomit in my mouth until the car came to a stop (I have done the puke out of a moving car thing before and it is not pretty) I never would have got that sausage.

I have been noticing lately that my stomach seems to know throw temper tantrums at my old favorites. Harveys sits like a brick, Manchu Wok honey garlic chicken makes me gassy, and street meat sausages make me puke. I blame this solely on eating better and not the questionable food preparation techniques of these more than qualified chefs.

It’s not fair I didn’t want to make it so that I couldn’t eat my favorites every once and awhile I just didn’t want to look like this guy!


Someone pass the broccoli.

My top 10 Fav Sega Genesis Games

Friday, July 17th, 2009

This idea hit me last night for no real reason at all but I figured it was a pretty good one so I shouldn’t let it just drift by like a lot of my other ideas. Before I get started though I would like to say that this is my own personal list of games I played, not games that existed, I didn’t play a lot of good games so that is why some of your own favorites are not on this list so don’t kill me.

10. NHL 93

Never mind the oddly blue ice this game was lots of fun, relatively quick game play for the time epic hits, injuries, and fighting. EA sports cut its teeth on this game and it’s the reason why they are still creating some of the best sports video game tittles today. I logged a lot of hours playing this game, mostly during hockey season.

8. Golden Axe
I never owned this game but my best friend at the time did and we played a lot of it, looking back on it the female playable character was quite scantily clad I wonder if thats why his older brother bought it. None the less it was an pretty awesome game for when it was released (89) and you got to kick little elves for power ups! Take that short stuff.

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist
After playing the damn near impossible to beat TMNT for the NES I was hesitant to play another Turtles out of fear that my dreams of being a radical fighting turtle would be crushed further. However this game was thankfully modeled more after TMNT arcade game and had none of the frustration of the NES game. The bright graphics and sound made it really stand out but the best part was that at one point you could ride a rocket powered surf board!

6. X-men 2: Clone wars
This game was pretty unique due to the fact that as soon as you turned it on and selected a character you were fighting, before the tittle screen, no waiting no listening to a story just fight! Again vivid graphics and fun side scrolling action came into play here and they game also had a pretty decent difficulty curve so there was no blowing through it incredibly fast.

5. Comix Zone
This game is awesome, and had an original (albeit it completely insane) story line with great game play, levels, animation and power ups. However this game was pretty difficult and you had two continues at most so that kept the frustration factor pretty high. One cool fact about this game though was that it came with a free CD which was my first CD I ever owned. I listened to this song a lot

4. Toy Story
This game was able to capture the imagination of the Toy Story movie and transfer it to 16 bit form for the Genesis. Having a fun lofty feel and genuinely nice looking 3d animation it was very hard to ever get frustrated at this game and with its inclusion of multiple different puzzles there was not much monotony. I actually still play the ROM of this game from time to time and will probably end up playing it soon after I finish this blog.

3. Aladdin
I originally had no interest in playing Aladdin as I don’t really remember if I have seen the movie all the way through but regardless of that fact or the fact that Arabian Nights is a song that can remain forever stuck in your head the game was a lot of fun. Similar to Toy Story it was a hard game to get mad at no matter how often you died. Don’t forget, hammer pants are AWESOME!

2. Sonic 2
Sonic games really need no explanation. This one game with my Sega so I played it a lot, I let my dad play once and he got killed so fast no one in my family could play a video game worth a damn even my brother, not sure why as they are all well educated and capable of walking and chewing bubble gum.

1. Streets of Rage 2
This is my favorite game of the Streets of Rage series however all of them are awesome. If game rating existed at the time this would have recived an M rating because you could stab, shoot, and club people with big aluminum pipes. In addition to all of that there was a copious amount of scantly clad women in the game who you got to beat the crap out of, it was an equal opportunity beat em up game.

Worldess Wed July 15th 2009

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Three Teens Obliterate 2010 Mustang On Test Drive – Jalopnik

New GI Joe Posters Maybe I am wrong about this movie…

snake eyes

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Scrap on Geraldo

Crazy Corvette

Some Sort of Butter Sale In Brampton

Awesome Ken Block Spoof

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Heels are not everday shoes

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

For those of you hoping this would be about me wearing heels sorry to disappoint, this post is about women wearing heels to events that don’t require them and thus looking silly as a result. The past two weekends in a row I have been at out door events, Rock The Bells and Tuners Against Street racing. Both of these venues were outdoors on fairly uneven ground and standing for pro longed periods of time was the norm. So why would anyone in their right mind decide it’s a good idea to wear heels to an event like this?

In my opinion all signs point to vanity. I find feet very unattractive so I don’t really pay much attention to woman’s fashion but My friend Grant once told me that  heels are basically a  push up  bra for a woman’s butt so I assume all of the women at these venues thought their butts needed an extra lift. However any attractiveness gained by the but lift is instantly lost and then some when I am watching these women precariously teeter totter around the venue things like a toddler taking their first steps.

Not to mention some of the heels just looked down right uncomfortable not as bad as these:

High Heels

But bad enough that I knew the wearer would be feeling the pain the next day. High heels have there place, sure, but not on grass. I get that some people always want to be the center of attention but is attention like press? You can’t get any bad attention? I doubt it.

Besides these woman didn’t need the heels to draw attention to themselves the tops they had on were cut so low that even Mr Mcgoo could have seen the mole on the left breast of the one with pink hair and a miniskirt.

Now here are some woman learning the hard way heels are impractical, hopefully no one broke an ankle.

and this was in flip flops but a disaster waiting to happen regardless

I need a bigger toy shelf

Friday, July 10th, 2009

I want a lot of things and chances are that this list is just going to get bigger the longer I am not working.

I’ve been waiting some time to pick up a good quality Generation 1 Jazz Figure and the reissue of the G1 Optimus Prime also couldn’t hurt my collection either however transformers collection aside I also think the following would make excellent additions to my collection.


A Die cast Ecto 1


A Die cast General Lee

Die cast General Lee

K.I.T.T. Die cast



Hot Toys Batman


Hot Toys Ironman Mark 1




I can hear Lyndsey getting upset already, expect more posts of the same the longer I am out of work.

Expect posts of the real stuff once I get a job!

Wordless Wed July 08th 2009

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Totally Random Hybrid Things

12 creative and unusual home theaters – Toxel

Shaking ‘Hip’ USB – Gizmodo

So looking forward to this

This is work

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Ain’t it a bitch?