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Worldess Wed – Augst 26 2009

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Pic Dump

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Dave Fitzpatrick

Legal Murder

Almost got to play this last night… then Big Brother ruined it

Why I think Mike Vick should be able to play football

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Before a lot of people come down on me for writing this blog I think I should explain a few things right off the bat. 1. I love animals, I have 2 cats and have nothing against dogs. 2. I am probably grossly misinformed, everything I know about the situation has come in 30 second chunks from breakfast TV or the radio, really if I had a reputable blog I would do some more research 3. I enjoy playing Devils Advocate. If you can accept these 3 facts then please click forward into this post. If not then this is not for you.

Now that all that is out of the way on to business, as we all know Mike Vick is not very smart and while enjoying an illustrious and promising football career for reasons known only to him he was also heavy into dog fighting. Which is inhumane and illegal. He got thrown into jail and served his debt to society and was also rehabilitated. That is one of the purposes of of jail time is it not? To repay your debt to society, be punished, and come out rehabilitated?

If the above are indeed the reasons why someone serves a jail sentence than why can’t he, provided he is physically able, play football again? He has done everything required by the law to make amends for what he did. It does not matter whether he is sorry for committing the crime or sorry he got caught. What matters is that he served the time for the crime that he did and therefore deserves the opportunity to continue his career. Sure it can be argued that the amount of time he received for his crimes was a slap on the wrist for what he did but that issue should be taken up with the US legal system and not the National Football league.

Football is his lively hood and as long as his employer (the NFL) thinks he is fit to be their employee than he should be able to play. It is not Mike Vick’s fault that football players are held in such high regard in our society. Once the light goes off and whatever hot shot football player of the moment is removed from their pedestal they are normal people who make mistakes. I could understand peoples objections to him becoming a veterinarian but he is not trying to become one, besides football is an incredibly dangerous sport. For those of you wishing bodily harm against Mike what better way for it to happen then a 300lb line backer trying to shove his spine out his ass?

Let the man return to his profession and make a living, because really would you want to see him working at your local McDonalds? Really?


Wordless Wed August 19 2009

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

14 Cool Kitchen Gadgets – Toxel

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Pic dump

Barbie Drift

Shark Tattto
Crazy Wedding Cake

Might have posted this one before but its good

Automatic Shotgun you say?

Holy shit…

This is actually one of my favorite songs off the album WTF?

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Anyone who has been on the internet for a long time, works on the internet, or both, has no doubt seen lots of advertising for It has not changed in forever so chances are these people look really familiar:


I have been receiving spam from proclaiming that I have long lost friends I can re connect with via the site since before I graduated high school and aside from my initial curiosity about whether those people still receive royalties (they don’t they were previous employees) the only thing that has peaked my intrest about is how it continues to exist.

Anyway with investing 30 million dollars in 2005 on advertising how is it exactly that I do not know anyone who has signed up for it? Well it turns out that despite that fact that I got there emails when I was 13 they actually mean to target graduate students who back in 97 would have been a fair age, in fact of the age that facebook (a service far superior to does not really attract and therefore people I don’t know. also seems to attract the type of people are are not very internet savy, as you would have to be to have not heard of facebook, and non internet savvy people are often easily tricked when it comes to doing business on the internet.

This makes it incredibly easy for to deploy their shady and unethical business tactics. The scam is actually pretty simple: charge a vast amount of people (about 40 million) relatively small increments of money every three months.

Lets do some math:
40 people paying 15 dollars every month = $600
40 people paying 15 dollars 3 times a year = $18000

Ad a bunch of zero’s to the above number and you get an idea of what could make under ideal situations, the final amount is crazy and I doubt they make that, however there even under non ideal conditions conditions (they have a number of registered complaints against them for false advertising and all around poor business ethics) to be able to afford to invest 40 million a year into advertising they have to be turning some sort of a profit.

They do this by making there site hard to leave as evident by this image.


And by having a registration system that is essentially a trap, with a faulty auto renewal system which continues to bill you even after you have left the site and after your credit card has expired (they keep the number and change the date). This means that you have to scour the internet to locate the notoriously hard to find their notoriously hard to find customer service number and call them so they stop picking your pocket.

Now knowing all this, and knowing how easily I came across all this information, I can only wonder how much longer will continue to be around. Seeing as how 40 million credit cards take a lot longer to expire than 40 million people. The internet is a very crazy place that makes undeserving people very wealthy.

Wish I was one.

Wordless Wed August 12 2009

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Top 30 Kids Cartoon Songs – Sure this makes digg but my lists can’t

Girls In Bikinis reading Star Wars lines for some reason

I can barley focus on just doing this post

Interior Crocodile Alligator

This is a lot of pennies


Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

The day is finally here, August 11th Slaughterhouse album drops. While I have a leaked version I am going to buy this album to support what these guys are doing. The album is crazy, lyricism at its finest and thankfully the production supports the lyrics as well. I am not going to review the album but rather list a bunch of great quotables from it.

These are also only the tip of the iceberg:

”Lyrical murderer, blame Rakim
I’m a sniper, shooting my way into ya lame Top 10
Pistol at your head if I ain’t next to Eminem”
-Crooked I

“We an outfit, equivalent to Voltron’s
That boy Crooked I is equivalent to four arms
Joell Ortiz is the body
The cannibal slash killer, kill you then eat your body
Joe Budden is the pair of legs
He runs shit alongside I, the apparent head”
-Royce 5′9 (Sick reference to the Mighty Robot Voltron)

“Fuck a rap group Slaughterhouse a machine”
-Crooked I

“I’m the one who always cause an affair
So every time your bitch burp, you smell my balls in the air”
-Crooked I

“So I can put my love below by her speakerboxx”
- Joell Ortiz

“Too many hood guys not enough good guys the way you say pussy in plural is pusseye”
-Royce 5′9

If you are what you eat home come I’m not pussy?”
- Crooked I

“If you Megan Goode I’m Forrest would dick her
If your flows Aquafina Im Katrina”
-Crooked I

“I’m the man in the booth with a few good men and you can’t handle the truth”
- Joell Ortiz

“See that bullet come around the corner like it shot form Angelina Jolie gun”
- Joe Budden (Wanted reference)

“The man think we evenly skilled he Mel Gibson all the shit he believe going to get his son killed”
-Joe Budden (ruthless!)

You say your the ultimate warrior I agree you died and come back and don’t nobody notice”
-Joe Budden (on point)

“After all this rhyming if I refer to you has a girl n!ggas will call us Common”
-Royce (reference to I used to love H.E.R.)

“I’m raising the bar so high trying to look at it is equivalent to star gazing”
-Crooked I

I’ve found out I have been pursuing a lie
cause ain’t no pudding in the hood where n!ggas shoot to survive
so where’s my single as dude in a suit and a tie
Who stole the whip man I’m loosing my drive”
-Joell Ortiz
The One Video

Ideal Honda Vehicle Orientation Experience

Friday, August 7th, 2009

I wrote a few days ago about how I felt that auto shop should be a mandatory course in high school as I see basic automotive skills as knowledge that everyone should have. As fate would have it I ended up going to a vehicle orientation with my mom for her new 2009 Honda Accord. The whole shebang was put on by the dealership and offered free dinner (why I went) and I thought it was a pretty interesting concept.

Once I arrived I was stoked on the fact that the free dinner wasn’t even half bad, sandwiches, fresh fruit, and m&m meat shop-esque Chinese finger food platter. After polishing that off we were split into groups based on sex (which they explained was due to the fact women have different questions than men) and taken to 6 different stations. The stations included:

Exterior/Interior Maintenance
Under the hood/Boosting a dead battery
Tire changing
Under body
Warranty explanation

For me all of the stations were fairly straight forward and I didn’t learn anything new about vehicles in general however for someone who knew nothing, like my mom, it was probably a real eye opener. Judging by the fact that some people have no idea how a locking lug nut works or how to change a spare safely (ie don’t put your hand under the tire to see if its of the ground) more dealerships should be offering this kind of service.

The collision station was the one I liked the most because it explained that you don’t have to go with the shop your insurance chooses to repair your vehicle (and I never have) and warned against signing anything from a tow truck driver at the scene of an accident. The signing often makes it hard to get your vehicle to the shop you want it at and just lines the drivers pockets.

I think free orientation sessions like these should be offered with every new vehicle (and maybe it does I have never bought one) since it gives those who have enough knowledge the option to skip it and those who want to learn a little more a controlled, safe, friendly environment to do so.

So kudos ideal Honda for setting this up. Next time though more chicken skewers I took the last one and it was not nearly enough.

Wordless Wed – August 4th 2009

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

This is so rad: Human Powered MonoRail Racetrack – Toxel

One-digit salute earns driver second ticket
– The Star

PORT HOPE – An Ontario driver has learned a hard lesson about respecting authority.

He was pulled over for speeding on Sunday on Highway 401 near Port Hope after being tracked by a police helicopter.

Police say the driver was stopped and ticketed for travelling 35 kilometres over the posted speed limit.

After he received the ticket and began to pull away, the driver raised his hand and flashed an obscene gesture toward provincial police Const. Bettina Schwarze.

She pulled the unidentified man over again and promptly gave him a $110 ticket.

The offence? Making an improper hand signal.

' src=

I don’t know

I keep seeing this van

Micheal Jackson Mario


I am open minded and like to try new food but…

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

This is straight ridiculous. For real.

Apparently there is a restaurant in Beijing that serves dishes that are penis and testicles of animals which are apperently great for male potency an good for womens skin.

Seeing a menu with a big dick on it should be enough for no one to want to eat there.


A Yak Penis is enough to make me yak. I would never eat this.


She eats ox penis but I bet she is a prude


More of this craziness in detail over on impact lab.