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Wordless Wed – Sept 30th 2009

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

14 Cool Designs inspired by R2-D2 – Toxel

Pic Dump

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This looks like it sucked

Thanks for this Grant

GTR vs Haybussa

Googling myself

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

I got the idea today to do something very nerdy today and that is google myself. I hear celebrities do it all the time and I think i am famous so I gave it a whirl with a few different terms/variations of my name and location and interests. Here are the results:

I don’t google “Dave Thomas” because of these dudes who are actual celebrities. RIP Wendys Dave.

Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas

Search:  “Dave Thomas Mississauga

Text: My resume – Searching for “Dave Thomas Mississauga” this is the third ranked item and relevant to me.

Image: Bloodbath bowl Jam whip

blood bath bowl jam

This is the first result that comes up via images and is me, sweet! I didn’t pull this to pedals however, not so sweet.

Search: “David Thomas Mississauga

Text:This returns my resume again as the 10th result.

Image: No images returned within the first 5 pages of me but this dude sort of looks like me (an older me perhaps), but he is wanted by the Peel Police so this is not a good thing!

Search:”David Thomas BMX

Text: elicitconcepts : the freelance mind of lyndsey mcdonald :: blog » BMX – Links over to my gfs blog so this is fairly relevant my first whip video is on this page.

Image: No images of me withing the first 5 pages again but this is rad

Search:Dave Thomas BMX
Text: Dave Thomas Bmx // BlogCatalog Topic // BlogCatalog – My Blog catalog entry is the first result and it’s 100% relevant, I guess their service is a valuable one

Image: Hot bars from Muskoka woods

This image is the first result and 100% relevant to yours truly.

All in all this wasn’t really that exciting which means I have to put more interesting things of myself on the internet. However one interesting thing was that nothing from facebook showed up… is facebook not searchable?

Wordless Wed – Sept 29th 2009

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Transformers Concept Art – io9

Pic Dump

Weird Skyline

Crazy Nascar crash

Astro Boy Escape from Metro City

Girl does wheelies

Summer is over

Monday, September 21st, 2009

From the second I woke up this morning to now I have heard from multiple sources (TV, radio, internet, people) that summer ends today. This sucks I like summer I don’t really like winter even though I play Hockey and Snowboard. Winter means ugly cars, excessive clothing, cold toes and shoveling, and even though I have lived in Canada my entire life I still never look forward to winter.

A big part of my disdain about winter coming comes with the fact that being a BMX rider I like when the weather is tolerable enough to do so outside. Riding indoors gets old fast and isn’t really the same as riding outside. It’s stuffy, smelly, and dusty and some places can never get the climate quite right so even though you are sweating your nose is running, it’s really odd.

Another part comes with shoveling snow, it’s a huge inconvenience and last winter it never snowed at the right time to become a snow day. If we are going to get lots of snow it should come right at rush hour so I can work from home instead of waking up, shoveling, then coming home and shoveling again, that’s wack.

Also due to the fact I drive a lowered car its crucial I get my car out after the plows pass which means I have to wait until the plow passes which means lifting that heavy icy watery snow at the end of the drive way, ugh, this is my own fault though I suppose.

Really though as much as I don’t like winter I live with it since I am a Canadian but a lot of my disappointment at this summers ending is that it was such a mediocre one. I like HOT weather the days when the breeze is warm, ya I like a few of those, the days when I am outside thinking damn its kinda warm out today. The type of days where in one BMX session I sweat through 3 shirts and might consider an ice cream after (I don’t eat ice cream often). I like the days when you can go to a water park and not have to dry off the second you get our of the water to avoid being cold.  This summer had like two of those and never really when I needed them who needs a hot Wednesday? Bah

Summer next year bring your A game.

Wordless Wed September 16 2009

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

12 Unusual and Creative Mirrors – Toxel

Beer Money Space Cam – Wired


Mosport Mini hits e30

Don’t take away this kids bacon

Wordless Wed – September 09 2009

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Pic Dump

Dimitri the lover boy This guy lives in Toronto apparently.

Dimitri the lover boy

Local BMX video


Wow worst parents ever

10 Awesome things about camping and 10 not

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Lyndsey and I went on a camping trip this labor day long weekend and it was my first time camping so I figured I would make some observations as a noob.

10 Awesome Things

10. Outside is pretty neat
I spend a lot of time inside, working, living, wasting time etc so being outside for a weekend was a nice change of pace. Nature is pretty cool.
9. Chipmunks
I could watch Chipmunks all day, they make cool noises and contently run around like they had ADD. One stole a wasabi pea from the ground near out site ran off with it then came and put it back after no doubt realizing it was really hot.


8. Beaches
Beaches are good most of the time. Even though it was pretty cold to swim I was able to hang out on the sand and watch random stuff go down.
7. People are generally nicer
Most people are going to have a good time so you don’t get the 9-5 Monday to Friday I am an asshole look from people as you walk by. It’s a smile and a nod which is a good change. As soon as you go back to work it is mean mugging time though.
6. Fishing
I don’t fish but a lot of people were doing it. Don’t drop your tackle box when you flip your kayak though one guy spent hours looking for his, I doubt he ever found it.
5. Kayaking
Pretty cool and a good work out. Just keep me sort of close to the shore or I start talking about drowning, death, and sharks.


4. Quiet
Camping is nice and quiet which gives you a good chance to catchup on thoughts that the world drowns out when you are in it outside of camping, provided you have thoughts that is.
3. Meat
I like meat, camping involves lots of fire which you use to cook which means you grill meat. Meat is good, fatty, animal murder, but good.
2. No schedule
The only time you have to worry about is check out time on your last day, other than that you can do what you want. Feel like sleeping at 2pm in the afternoon? Go for it. Want to eat dinner at 9pm get er done. Not having to do things at a certain time rocks.
1. Fires
If you don’t like fire I question your humanity. I could poke fire for hours and be amused. You can also make s’mores on it and what not but I really just like gram crackers.


10 Not So Awesome Things
10. Fires that won’t start
We had this one night, the combination of crappy wet wood and no hatchet lead to a pretty lack luster fire. The fire the next night rocked though.
9. Bugs
Actually we got pretty lucky this weekend and did not need bug spray, but you know, it could have sucked.
8. Setting up your tent in the dark
I do not recommend this, it is pretty tough we did it though.
6. Peoples bad music
Turn Sean Kingston off.


5. Loud talkers
We had some loud talkers near our site and once we got to know them they were actually not bad people just really loud. They liked big fires though.
4. Cold water
I have only been swimming in a lake once when it was warm enough to be fun. Our climate sucks.
3. Walking to the washroom
We were too close to other camp sites for me to pee on a tree without people hearing which meant I had to walk to the comfort station when I wanted to pee. Better than an outhouse though.
2. Sleeping on the ground
Make sure your air mattress is big enough for 2 otherwise you have to sleep on the ground. My sleeping bag has a memory foam bottom and I was sleeping on top of an old sleeping bag but I still woke up each morning pretty sore. Stupid chivalry.
1. Smoke smell
It took 3 lather rinse repeats to get the smell out of my hair! Geeze.

The best picture I have seen all day

Friday, September 4th, 2009

I know I have been light on the posts lately. I have been really busy with my other blog, riding, and playing Arkham Asylum (which is AMAZING) when I have the chance. However I saw this picture over on gizmodo and it is so awesome. Will Smith will forever be the freshest.


Going camping this weekend but I plan to bring a note pad and scribble down some blogs while I am gone so maybe new content when I am back?

Worldess Wed Sept 02 2009

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Creative Handle Advertising – Toxel

20 Greatest Car Video Games – Jalopnik

Pic Dump

Baby Bum Clevage

Jew Star Fail


This Is Dope

Lol I know the first driver


Fuel Efficient BMW super car

Foot Pong