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It’s Done!

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

I finally finished my latest BMX edit. I plan to reexport it to vimeo at some point to take care of those audio pops but for now this will do. Check it out!

I am getting a new bike on Saturday so I can’t wait to start filming a new edit with that one!

Wordless Wed December 16th 2009

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Really nothing I post today can compete with: The 100 most iconic internet videos but here are a few gems:

This Man has balls of steel

View the photographers shots here

Pic Dump

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I saw this once before still funny


Compound Boost OMFG

What goes around comes around

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

I recently found out yesterday that how I left my last job might have had more behind it than I originally thought. As it would turn out my old manager and the person he hired to replace me are friends. Said manager got fired from that position and went onto a new position and low and behold my replacement has followed. Hrm…

While I am not mad about this since my current job is quite awesome I can’t help but feel tricked, and it has made me think far less of this manager than I ever did before. When I was laid off I briefly doubted myself and my skills and the fact that I did that because he wanted his friend to have a job leaves me with a pour taste in my mouth.

However everything happens for a reason and both my professional life and personal life are much better since leaving that position. I can just hope that he gets whatever the universe feels he deserves for his actions in the future.

Can’t keep a motivated person down, don’t let anyone or anything rob you of your motivation.

Worldess Wednesday – December 09 2009

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Pic Dump

Bitches be crazy!!

Ya but does it move?

This is funny shit

Wordless Wed Dec 02 2009

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

10 cool modern lamp designs – Toxel

20 things worth knowing about beer – the oatmeal

Pic Dump

R/C Pulls Car

Your Movember Beard sucks

Lil Wayne got raped at 11

Tiga Tiga woods y’all

Forkless bike, really weird!

I still hate ignoring people

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Remember way back when I first started this blog I wrote a complaint about bums homeless people? Well I’ve realized that as much as I hate them it seems that these days my biggest beef is with ignoring a human being. It feels wrong and if V’s really did exist they would probably think that we are not a society worth saving since we do not care for one another. The saddest part is that this activity is completely necessary to traverse everyday life.

If I took the time to stop and talk to all the people asking me for money during my travel to and from work I bet I would lose at least an hour. First there is the ‘urban music’ guy where I get on the Subway, the┬ácrazy lady right outside the subway when I get to street level, the guy who sits on the ledge in front of my office, the other crazy lady who sits at the set of doors I use to avoid the first crazy lady, and finally on some days the lady who needs change for the subway even though she is already on the subway.

That’s a damn lot of people I could potentially encounter in one day. If I have them all $2 that’s 8-10 dollars a day, 50 dollars a week, 200 bucks a month! Not to say I would but you know what I mean…

One of the worst things about it is, and I am totally going to pull out a big fat race card, is that black people asking for whatever on the street seem to think that I owe them something because we share a similar skin color. The urban music guy will skip over the next Caucasian in line just to yell at me to give him money to support urban music as though because I am black I will feel his plight.

I like urban music, but I am not just going to hand you money dude, what sort of accountability and credibility do you have? I’d rather go buy Wale’s Attention Deficit CD (or Royce 5′9s streethop) than give my money to you and have it go… somewhere.

Same deal with a dude I saw at the grocery store not too long ago, he was totally targeting other black people and trying to get them to help him because he was black. I think instead of spending his time trying to narrow down his target market he should have worked on his sales pitch. “Sir, Hey Sir, SIR” wasn’t really working and it really didn’t work when he started following me. I don’t eat lots of chocolate man, sorry, and I know it’s not your fault but $4 for a bar is pretty steep as well.

But what’s wild to think is that these same people in different situations I probably wouldn’t pretend they didn’t exist. It’s their tactics that bug me, sitting with a cup out or yelling and not being polite. I’ve stopped and talked to several sick kids street representatives and they have all been nothing but kind, happy, polite and courteous even when I used tell them I can’t right now (I donate now).

I wish all of the people who accost me in the street were as nice as the Sick Kid girls, the world would be a better place. Until then hood up, headphones in and sorry homie I just don’t see you there.