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Why I don’t get, and won’t buy an ipad

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

I’m sure that every single one of you reading this right now has an internet connection and has therefore has heard a little something about the ipad. Most of you have probably already read opinions from people far more educated and important than myself.  But I figure with all the hype around this oddly named device why can’t I get in on the pie??

For me, and not necessarily you, the ipad is filling a void I don’t want or need filled. I work on a desktop all day with my iphone beside me, commute underground (killing my 3g) with my iphone, and then go home to where my computer and TV are almost an arms length apart and since I have my ps3 and computer connected I can watch movies I acquire legally on my tv without burning anything.

All of my current internet needs are met quite well and I don’t need another device that is a little bit like one thing (laptop) and a little bit like another thing (iphone) but not quite either of the two to spend my money on, I have far too many expensive hobbies as is.

I have no problem sitting at my computer desk when I need a full computing experience and sitting on my couch using my iphone or ps3 when I just want to browse/tweet/watch videos etc.

To me the price of the ipad, though not nearly as expensive as I thought, is too close to that of a lap top which can do a lot of the same things the ipad can do in some cases better (multitasking) but often not quite as refined.

The things the ipad does that a laptop can’t do are very impressive, don’t get me wrong, but I am not sure I could ever make enough use of them to warrant purchase.

Currently my two apple devices have done a great job of replacing what was before it. My previous mp3 player (which I actually really liked), the mpio fl100, which was actually pretty similar to an ipod since it required proprietary software to use it, couldn’t be used as a flash key, and looked pretty slick.

The nano I have now, though a few years old, is a lot better than the mpio since it doesn’t require batteries or sd cars, and has proven to hold up pretty well to my bmx shennanigans. The kicker here though is that I got my nano for free.

My iphone has also been a significant improvement over it’s successor, my dumb sanyo flipphone, but I waited so long to get a new cellphone that virtually anything other than a Zack phone would have been an improvement.

Apple is great at refining the user experience and hats of to them for doing that as they seem to do a remarkable job of it, but I feel this device might be a tough sell since it’s trying to create and fill a non existent space that might not exist for a reason.

To non apple/non internet addicts I think this will just seem like another fancy doo-dad for metrosexuals.

Prove me wrong though apple prove this rambling idiot wrong!

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Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

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I got a new bike!

Monday, January 4th, 2010

It’s been quite sometime since I have had a new bike and since I just finished my recent edit I figured it was well deserved.

I really liked my last Whitton 2 even though it turned out to be bent and I figured that sticking with the same geometry would mean not having to get used to a new feel. This meant a Whitton 3 was in order. I was going to get it in white but that is not out for public consumption until next month so I got matted red instead and I must say its a really nice color.

Here is the parts list and my gf took the photos for her 365 project.

Bars: Sunday Forumphs
Stem: Fly
Forks: Demolition Concord
Front Wheel: Odyssey M7 front wheel (G-sport marmoset and odyssey 7ka)
Frame: Whitton III 21″
Cranks: Profile 175s
Pedals: Animal plastic Steven Hamilton’s (Clear)
Sprocket: Kink Sound
Rear Wheel:Odyssey 7KA and Odyssey Hazard hub
Hub Guard: FBM
Brakes: Mono small/gtx/evo1s
Tires: Dirt path/Aitken
Pegs: Hoffman

Props to my friend Chijioke for getting me a good deal on the frame and fork and doing the build and Scott for hookin it up component wise.