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Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Fanboy Review

Friday, June 26th, 2009

It should be of no secret to anyone that I am basically the definition of a Transformers fan boy. I know my Generation 1 facts inside and out, and basically grew up with the series via syndication.

I love Transformers and I will share that fact with anyone who will listen. Therefore I think its pretty amazing how many people give both of the movies poor reviews about story, plot, character development etc.

Going into any Transformers movie you must realize a few things:

Its directed by Michael Bay – You either like his style or you don’t
Alien Robots come to earth take vehicle forms and shoot a lot – Basic premise, accept it, there is not much more too it
It is and always was a way to sell somethingIn the past it was toys, now its movie tickets, cars, and more toys

The movie was not meant to leave you with any sort of profound message it was just meant to entertain, deafen, and overload your senses while paying homage to its roots.  This second movie does all of  this Soundwave is in it with his original voice, wheelie is in it in a similar role as the first film, and their is a toss back  to the matrix of leadership, time was spent trying to  please us, the original fans.

The battle scenes in Transformers 2 are much easier to follow than  those of  the first revamp which allows the audience to see just how much ass their favorite character is kicking.  However where the  action scenes have been  improved the character development has suffered.

Sam and Mikaela’s characters advance a little bit but not too much, where as Sam’s Parents play a similar humorous role as they did in the first film although with one gag  running a little too long.  The rest of the human characters from the previous film return with one of them being much more useful in this film than the previous, but his previous useless self is replaced with another heel who gets tazed, twice.

Megan Fox down src=

The Autobots do not really have their characters expanded on much in this film, with a whole slew of new ones being introduced with barley any back story, introduction, or speaking roles. A few get killed off shortly after uttering their first lines. The Decepticons also get quite a few new minions that are about has hard to kill as the Puddies from Power Rangers but do get more back story and the relationship between Megatron and Starscream is more reminiscent of the old series which is nice.

However the big guns, Bumble Bee, Megatron, Starscream, and Jetfire all kick ass and the best part of the movie for me was the fact that Optimus Prime kicks ass for a SIGNIFICANT amount of time twice!

It brought back the exact same feelings I had while watching this scene as a child:

At the end of the day Revenge of the Fallen was an amusing action movie with little plot and character development that happened to go on a little bit too long. This movie is no where near as bad as it could of been (or GI Joe is going to be) people just need to accept it for what it is and take it at face value and not try to go any deeper because there is still nothing there.

People also need to stop putting Skids and Mudflap under a microscope they are not nearly as offensive to me as a black person as people are making it out to seem, Devestators balls offended me much more.
Skids and Mudflap

Things I always Wanted – April 09 2009

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

It has been awhile since I have written about  something I always wanted,  one could say I was going through a drought of neediness. However after being reminded how selfish and greedy I am I thought of a new thing I always wanted and surprise, surprise, it is once again Transformers related.  But hear me out since this one does not exist yet.

As soon as I watched the first Transformers episode I have always wanted to experience being a giant robot that could change into a car and engage in  epic battles with enemy forces while creating millions of dollars worth of property damage and not be held accountable.

However not being a child of Cybertron that was never going to happen without some serious cash and scientific time invested.

Once running around in the backyard making ‘pew-pew’ noises and using my imagination got boring I did what every kid of my generation does when they can’t think of ways to amuse themselves anymore, turn to video games.  I knew what I wanted, a good Generation 1 Transformers video game that would allow me to live out my fantasizes without looking like a odd child.

Problem is that Transformers games seem to have a great track record of being less than satisfactory.

The first, Japan release only, NES version below is somewhat excusable as a lot of NES games were of questionable quality.

One of the biggest issues with this one was the fact that you could only play as Ultra Magnus, who a lot of people don’t even know existed (you have to have seen the original movie) and those of us who did know of his existence simply knew him as the guy who screwed up until Hot Rod took the Matrix and rocked out to You’ve got the touch.

In 1998 Hasbro Interactive put out a follow up effort with the Beast Wars franchise for the PC and PlayStation. This game was also not very good the graphics, controls,and general game play was all sub par. I never really got into it and went back to playing War craft 2 in no time.

There was also a Transformers, Trans Metals which was a fighting game and is not really worth mentioning in my opinion beyond the fact that yest it did exist.

As they years went by I eventually gave up expecting a good, North American*, Generation 1 video game.

I beat the movie game and got the skins that allowed you to play as recolors of original characters and decided that would have to do.

That was until I saw game trailers for some other franchises I really enjoy:

Upcoming Ghostubsters game trailer

Wolverine Origins game footage

Upcoming Batman Arkham Asylum Game footage

With amazing looking Batman, Ghostbusters, and Wolverine games about to drop its about time a game developer stepped up to the plate and made a GREAT Generation 1 Transformers game.

If for no reason other than the fact that its something I always wanted!

*Yes I know about this game and if you are reading this from Japan and have a copy you want to send it to me feel free!

Worldess April Fools Day 2009

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009
' src=

UPS Drag Truck

Here it is king Grant.

10 Awesome Optimus Prime Images

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

I like art and I like Transformers, the internet is a wealth of great Transformers artwork and I felt I should compile a list of some of my favorites.

10. Original Optimus Prime Box Art

Original Optimus Prime Box Art

If I didn’t include the original box art image of Optimus Prime I would have had to turn in my membership card to Transformers anonymous. This shot is a classic, even though it doesn’t really bare a strong resemblence to the cartoon Prime we all grew up loving.

9. Marvel shotgunned prime

Transformers Generation 2 Comic

I actually drew a version of this Prime for an art project in junior high school,  the completed art and the comic have long since vanished but my love for it has not.

Am I the only one who finds the tag line a bit strange?
“Not your fathers Autobot”.
How many Transformers fans have kids who are old enough to understand whats going on when this comic came out (1993)?

8. Optimus Christ

Optimus Prime

This motivational poster is just a screen grab from an episode but the first time I saw it I immediately printed if off and stuck it to my cubicle wall since I thought it was so awesome, surprisingly no one has once said anything negative about it.

7. Optimus Prime BMX Number Plate

This is rad, my worlds have officially collided. This  bmx number plate with Optimus on it can be purchased here.

6. Optimus Rhyme

Optimus Rhyme

This one is one of the most obvious play on words for Optimus Prime spun into an a really creative piece of artwork. There is an acute attention to detail at work here. Check the play and pause buttons on the hands and the four finger rings. This exceptional piece was done by reyyyyy on deviant art.

5. 80s in the palm of his hand

Optimus Prime

I Can’t remember where I picked this one up but I have had it on my computer for years. Love the use of He-man, Lion-o, and Snake-Eyes.

4. Optimus and Snake-Eyes

Optimus prime and snake eyes

Another cross contaminated piece of art. Snake-Eyes and Optimus could really mess some cobra/decepticon forces up. This one is done by jpart on deviant art.

3. DW Poster Prime

Optimus Prime DW

I am a big fan of DW’s treatment of all of the Transformers comics. The detail on this picture is great and it looks like Prime is about to kick ass and take names. My girlfriend actually started a painting of this image, but never finished. Anyone who is up to the task of doing a painted version of this for me, feel free.

2. Deep Prime

Optimus Prime Deep In Thought

This piece of prime deep in concentration is done by a Myton Abellera he has a bunch of other cool artwork here including a picture of Megatron and Batman that’s extremely well done.

BONUS: Optimus By EpsenG

Optimus  By EpsenG

Another deviant, EpsenG, did this piece which he described as follows “Wanted to make a pic of the great leader in the style of the old 80s Transformers paintings.”

1. Obama Prime

Change Into A Truck

This Obama parody done by Tim Doyle was the inspiration for this list. The original Obama change poster is going to go down in history as an iconic piece of artwork, and this parody is extremely well done. It was sold in limited amounts over on Nakatomi. Until I get my hands on one of the prints I have a black and white version of this up in my cubicle as well.

Hope you enjoyed the list, even those of you who are not big Transformers fans, and remember to support your local artist they are probably starving.

My Transformers collection

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

This past weekend I moved in with my girlfriend, and to her disdain my Transformers collection came with me. I’ve been meaning to blog about my collection for awhile and since I had to unpack this was my best opportunity to do so.

About half way through taking the pictures Lyndsey took over, but I don’t think you will notice the transition.

Transformers Car Show Blow Up Cover

This book is all that remains of my childhood Transformers collection. That makes it 20-22 years old. I plan to scan it and post it’s contents as a blog similar to what I did with BMX in Action 1987.

New Transformer Comic Book Collection

These are my newer comic books. The first book is a collection of the greatest battles between Optimus Prime. It’s a pretty decent collection of stories and a few are mentioned in the 10 most notable deaths of Optimus Prime over on Topless Robot.

The rest of the comics are newer DW versions, these ones all have pretty stellar artwork with the GI Joe cross over being the best of the bunch. The Transformers have never looked better in print before this series.

The last one at the bottom is a prequel to the movie that my friend Grant picked up on free comic book day.

Old School Transformers Comics

These 20-22 year old UK exclusive comics ended up in my hands courtesy of my friend Maz who lives in Scotland. Over about the course of a year she would find comics (lord knows how or where) and mail them to me randomly. It was a pretty rad thing of her to do and I am glad to have them in my collection.

Transformers Movie Collection

I have too many Transformers movies, or I should say too many different copies of the same movies. Of the 5 picured there is only 3 different feature length amounts of content, and the Ultimate Battle one sucks (too much Armada).

Worst yet is I still don’t have all of the bonus features of the new film I am missing the one that has the Transforming case.

Autobot Perler Beads

This is the only thing in my collection that I made. It took a long time to finish but I am now the only person who has an Autobot symbol made of Perler beads that doesn’t suck.

Blue Streak, Megatron, Sideswipe, Jazz, Sandstorm

This is my group of normal size Autobots and one Megatron. In order of appearance: Blue streak (G1* reproduction), Megatron (G2* Ultimate battle version), Sandstorm (Original 1986 triple changer), Jazz (G1 heroes mini bot), and Sideswipe (G1 Reproduction).

(G1 = Generation 1 [1984-1991] G2 = Generation 2[1992-?])

Alternate Modes:

Blue Streak, Megatron, Sideswipe, Jazz, Sandstorm

Blue streak was a gift from Lyndsey, and actually re kick started my figure collection, Megatron, Jazz, and Sideswipe I bought (Sideswipe from Value Village hence the missing tires) and my friend Rachel gave me Sandstorm for Christmas one year.

Next is my collection of arguably everyone’s favorite, and most famous Transformer Optimus Prime. I have three so far, and I plan to get at least one more.

Ultimate Battle Optimus Prime, 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime, Powermaster Optimus Prime

From left to right; Ultimate Battle Optimus Prime (Boxset with the Megatron above and the Ultimate Battle DVD), 20th (movie) Anniversary Optimus Prime, and Powermaster Optimus Prime (1988).

My brother gave me the 20th anniversary Prime but I bought the other two. The Powermaster version was actually purchased to replace the one I had stolen from me as a child (kid asked to borrow it then moved the next day) so I am really glad to have one back in my possession.

Ultimate Battle Optimus Prime, 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime, Powermaster Optimus Prime

This shot is pretty cool since it shows the discrepancies between how Optimus Prime has been represented as a toy over the years, I guess it was up to toy manufactures discretion as to what artwork they used to base the toy molds on.

Powermaster Prime also folds out into a cool battle station, with Hi-q Transforming into a little robot to man the guns.

Powermaster Station

That’s the sum of my collection right now minus the Movie game for ps2, seven or so Transformer shirts and a beat up Powermaster Optimus (cab) that sits on my desk from work.

One day I hope to have a bit bigger of a collection (nothing in the million dollar range) and a nice display case to put them in. But until then they sit in a cubby in the entertainment unit as a reminder to my gf that shes dating a nerd.

Things I always wanted – February 5th 2009

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

As I look back into my past I am starting to realize that I was a pretty envious kid, I might have even had green skin, because this is another thing that one of my friends had that I wanted.

It should come as no surprise to anyone who reads this blog even half the time that I big Transformers fan. Most of my wants were firmly planted on the Autobot side though. Not really so much because they were the good guys but more so because they were cars, and I like cars quite a bit.

However a few Decepticons stuck out as being pretty bad ass. Soundwave was one, but Trypticon was most def another.


Trypticon was the Decepticons answer to an equally awesome (and want worthy toy) sentient city Metroplex.


I never had the privilege of seeing a Metroplex toy in person, so I convinced myself that they didn’t actually exist, however my older friend Chris had Trypticon (cant imagine how much that must have cost his parents) and it was pretty gosh darn amazing. It was basically a giant Grimlock, and as we know grimlockbadass.

Trypticon took Grimlock’s badassarey and multiplied it by however much bigger he was. Two major things stuck out (other than having rockets where his tongue should be) the first being was that Tryp transformed from giant awesome T Rex into a giant awesome city play set.

Tryp folded out

Only a handful of Transformers shared this ability, but Trypticon was not content with having one awesome ability, oh no he was ready to shove his size 100000 foot of awesome up your ass and break it off by being able to walk.

He was actually the ONLY Transformer I ever saw as a kid that could walk as illustrated below:

A walking Trypticon was clumsy and loud, and looked really funny if he fell over but was defiantly an awe inspiring site to behold.

Oddly enough I seem to remember this as being the only Transformer Chris had, as he was a big Lego guy. This meant in my mind he didn’t deserve it and I plotted to remove it from his grasps.

However he was at least 3 years older than me so I never dared put my plots into action lest he send me down a flight of steps head first.

Too bad they probably fetch a large number on ebay as otherwise I would have one today. But I reserve my big ticket Transformer purchases to Autobots pretty exclusively.

The video below proves that Trypticon was also the mightiest of all walking Transformers, and that the guy below has lots of disposable income and is kind of my hero.

I want one.

Wordless Wednesday – February 4th 2009

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Fat Kid on Roller coaster… hilarity ensues

Real Life Spiderman – Bam Kapow!

2010 Mazdaspeed 3 trailer

Quick Silver Bike Dancing

Bicycle Boogie

Christian Bale Freak out Remix

All my gas money goes to white gold SLRS

White Gold SLR

Skateboard inspired furniture designs – Toxel

Rise of the Fallen Trailer Secrets Revealed – io9

Megan Fox

20 Creative mp3 players – Toxel

The 11 Most Unnecessary ‘How To’ Guides on the Web

Things I always wanted – January 29th 2009

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

This week I thought I would write about something I always wanted that my best friend growing up had. These situations where always pretty tough to deal with, I mean on the one hand you loved your best friend.

He was the one who convinced you throwing tennis balls at your neighbors IROC-Z to set off the alarm was a good idea, then ran and hid while you got in trouble.

He was also the one who said your endo sucked so you went faster and went over the bars and knocked out half your tooth.

He was the one who helped you throw snowballs at local neighbor hood girls ruining their self esteem forever.

Ya Andrew was awesome.

However when it came to this one thing, he had it I didn’t, I secretly hated him for it.

What was it?


Voltron Is Amazing


At the time, I don’t think I actually watched the original Voltron on tv, or knew much about it. [Note: The person talking in the intro is Optimus Prime or Peter Cullen]

Actually this might have been a hand me down from his older brother. Regardless, it was an awesome toy.

Apart it was 5 lions like below

Even separated still awesome

But together it was the fantastic robot you see above, so really it was six toys in one.

It’s combined physical size of it meant that in our action figure wars waged in VHS tape built battle fields, my Ninja Turtles where easily slain, and even my beloved (and later stolen) Power Master Optimus Prime was no match for the might of Voltron.

So he pretty much always won I might have even created a no Voltron rule at some point just to save face.

While I pretty much needed Voltron in my army, I don’t actually recall asking my parents to buy me one,or trying to buy one myself. For some reason I had it in my head that Andrew would grow bored of it one day and give it to me for being a loyal friend, and then glory would be mine.

Obviously that never actually happened, and sounds idiotic today, but I was young and dumb, as opposed to being old and dumb now.

One day I will probably purhcase a Voltron figure off ebay and and it to my collection of 80s toys that is currently made up of mostly Transformers, but until then. It’s something I have always wanted.

Ten Great Cartoon Anthems

Friday, January 16th, 2009

I have been on nostalgia kick lately, well more than usual, and I got to thinking about how back in the glory days of cartoons (80s and early 90s) cartoons didn’t have music. They had anthems, anthems that got kids kool aid filled blood pumping and ready for the show.

So with this in mind I figured a run down of ten I deem ‘great’ are in order.

10. Jace and the Wheeled Warriors

Let’s kick this off with Jace and the Wheeled Warriors. This one takes a bit to get going, but be patient and you will be rewarded by some decent 80s rock and inspirational lyrics. Reach for the light.

9. Megaman

What this song lacks in overall creativity (it’s two lines in total) it makes up for the basic tempo being faster than most intro songs of the time, which is really saying something.

8. Jem and the Holograms

Had to include this one since from what I can tell it was about an accurate representation of what I have been led to believe 80s MTV was. I would actually rather listen to this than anything by Britney Spears, cause the music is contagious and their songs are better.

7. M.A.S.K.

The green and black grid shots and electrically synthesized voices (Ma Ma Ma Mask) in this intro mean it probably could have doubled for a music video in the early 90s. The lyrics are not to bad either, I wouldn’t mind working overtime if I was fighting crime.

7. Thundercats

Thunder cats HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. The guitar work in this intro makes it a fairly powerful rocker. I wonder who performed these songs was it all one amazing cartoon cover band?

6. He-Man

I don’t really think this intro song is all that epic. But green lantern sampled it for a Ludacris song so it can’t be all that bad.

5. Alvin and The Chipmunks

Dave realized early that he had the first child hit performers living in his house and put them to work. The chipmunks basically set the ground for real people like Miley Cirrus/Hanna Montana.

Did they ever explain how he got those chipmunks anyway?

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The drums don’t stop hitting through this whole song, the lyrics are fairly well rounded, and it starts out loud, and ends with a triumphant “Turtle Power”.

2. Wild Cats

Starts out hard rock, little rap interlude (sort of) then back to hard rock. This intro is pretty well flawless.

1. Transformers Movie Theme

I maybe should not include this one, seeing as how it has an unfair advantage being the only one that is a full length song from a full length movie and credited to some band (LION). However as I have stated before my blog my rules. This just screams 80s hair metal, their is a killer guitar solo that starts at 2:07 seconds in.

Things I always wanted – January 2nd 2009

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

I know this isn’t a Tuesday or a Thursday but what’s the saying? A day late and a dollar short… or something. Anyway I have been sick with a stomach flu since new years eve so I spent a great deal of time horizontal, actually, I just ate my first meal of 2009 a few hours ago. But while lying around I did get a chance to think of today’s thing I always wanted. The Lamborghini Countach.

This car was the postercar (literally) for anyone male (and some females) born anywhere around 74 to 84. I still have die cast models and posters of this car up in my room at my dads place, and had a few remote control cars of it over the years as well.

This car was regularly featured in movies, tv shows, and promotions until they mid 90s. Even Barbie had one (what did Ken drive though?).

The car had quite a few distinctive features which made it timeless and desirable, low cheese wedge design, insanely wide rear tires, 345s (your average car has 195s), a v-12 motor and the iconic scissor doors.

Funny enough, while I have sat in 2 replicas (one I helped build) I don’t think I have ever been within spitting distance of a real one.

But working on the replica made a few practicality issues about this car very clear.

The first, rear visibility is pretty much non existent due to the kick ass wedge shaped design, try finding the rear window in the image below and you will get a good idea of what I mean.

Backing out one of these bad boys meant opening the door and sitting on the door sill while working the pedals on the inside. Pretty unorthodox, but you gotta go what you gotta do, can’t always drive forward.

The second issue is that as you look while driving a Countach it is extremely difficult to look cool getting into or out of a Countach. Due to the low height of the car and the door design you basically fall into, and roll out of them. If you happen to be over weight.. well…

But impracticality issues aside the car was still named number 3 on the list of Top Sports Cars of the 1970s and number ten on the list of Top Sports Cars of the 1980s by Sports car International, and is still something I always wanted.

Here are some pop culture Countach’s to finish this post out.

Cannonball Run

Miami Vice (note trying to get in while looking cool)

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker from the Transformers

Judge Dredd Future concept