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My Transformers collection

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

This past weekend I moved in with my girlfriend, and to her disdain my Transformers collection came with me. I’ve been meaning to blog about my collection for awhile and since I had to unpack this was my best opportunity to do so.

About half way through taking the pictures Lyndsey took over, but I don’t think you will notice the transition.

Transformers Car Show Blow Up Cover

This book is all that remains of my childhood Transformers collection. That makes it 20-22 years old. I plan to scan it and post it’s contents as a blog similar to what I did with BMX in Action 1987.

New Transformer Comic Book Collection

These are my newer comic books. The first book is a collection of the greatest battles between Optimus Prime. It’s a pretty decent collection of stories and a few are mentioned in the 10 most notable deaths of Optimus Prime over on Topless Robot.

The rest of the comics are newer DW versions, these ones all have pretty stellar artwork with the GI Joe cross over being the best of the bunch. The Transformers have never looked better in print before this series.

The last one at the bottom is a prequel to the movie that my friend Grant picked up on free comic book day.

Old School Transformers Comics

These 20-22 year old UK exclusive comics ended up in my hands courtesy of my friend Maz who lives in Scotland. Over about the course of a year she would find comics (lord knows how or where) and mail them to me randomly. It was a pretty rad thing of her to do and I am glad to have them in my collection.

Transformers Movie Collection

I have too many Transformers movies, or I should say too many different copies of the same movies. Of the 5 picured there is only 3 different feature length amounts of content, and the Ultimate Battle one sucks (too much Armada).

Worst yet is I still don’t have all of the bonus features of the new film I am missing the one that has the Transforming case.

Autobot Perler Beads

This is the only thing in my collection that I made. It took a long time to finish but I am now the only person who has an Autobot symbol made of Perler beads that doesn’t suck.

Blue Streak, Megatron, Sideswipe, Jazz, Sandstorm

This is my group of normal size Autobots and one Megatron. In order of appearance: Blue streak (G1* reproduction), Megatron (G2* Ultimate battle version), Sandstorm (Original 1986 triple changer), Jazz (G1 heroes mini bot), and Sideswipe (G1 Reproduction).

(G1 = Generation 1 [1984-1991] G2 = Generation 2[1992-?])

Alternate Modes:

Blue Streak, Megatron, Sideswipe, Jazz, Sandstorm

Blue streak was a gift from Lyndsey, and actually re kick started my figure collection, Megatron, Jazz, and Sideswipe I bought (Sideswipe from Value Village hence the missing tires) and my friend Rachel gave me Sandstorm for Christmas one year.

Next is my collection of arguably everyone’s favorite, and most famous Transformer Optimus Prime. I have three so far, and I plan to get at least one more.

Ultimate Battle Optimus Prime, 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime, Powermaster Optimus Prime

From left to right; Ultimate Battle Optimus Prime (Boxset with the Megatron above and the Ultimate Battle DVD), 20th (movie) Anniversary Optimus Prime, and Powermaster Optimus Prime (1988).

My brother gave me the 20th anniversary Prime but I bought the other two. The Powermaster version was actually purchased to replace the one I had stolen from me as a child (kid asked to borrow it then moved the next day) so I am really glad to have one back in my possession.

Ultimate Battle Optimus Prime, 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime, Powermaster Optimus Prime

This shot is pretty cool since it shows the discrepancies between how Optimus Prime has been represented as a toy over the years, I guess it was up to toy manufactures discretion as to what artwork they used to base the toy molds on.

Powermaster Prime also folds out into a cool battle station, with Hi-q Transforming into a little robot to man the guns.

Powermaster Station

That’s the sum of my collection right now minus the Movie game for ps2, seven or so Transformer shirts and a beat up Powermaster Optimus (cab) that sits on my desk from work.

One day I hope to have a bit bigger of a collection (nothing in the million dollar range) and a nice display case to put them in. But until then they sit in a cubby in the entertainment unit as a reminder to my gf that shes dating a nerd.

Randomus Prime

Friday, December 12th, 2008

About time I made a Transformers post. Good thing I didn’t name my blog this as I panned. This dude does some rad stuff for sure.