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BMX all around the world

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

When I first started riding I thought BMX was pretty much a North American specific sport. Naive I know but I was pretty young (14) and didn’t really have anyone to tell me any different, I assumed other countries had better things to worry about than riding kids bikes.

Over the years thanks to more media coverage I realized that BMX is pretty much world wide. Thanks to vimeo and youtube it’s much easier to find footage of ridiers all around the world.

So I compiled a list of videos in places that you would not immediately thing ‘BMX’ and posted them here. Enjoy.

New Czech Republic




Shoe-G has been holding it down in Japan for some time

Hong Kong Rider “Milk Boy”


After posting all these videos, mainly the Jamaica one, I got to thinking how hard it must be to get good current parts in some countries.

I think I am going to look in the old parts bin and send some of my better condition stuff over. I can’t imagine what it would be like to get a straight set of bars for free from someone in another country with the same interests as you.

Wordless Wed January 14th 2008

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Not too much this week, but all pictures and videos. No crazy news articles really caught my eye this time around.

Im A Shark

Photoshop Ad Busting – Wooster Collective

Hip Thurst mp3 player

MP3 Belt Buckle Activates With Hip Thrusts – Sparkfun

Beautiful and Creative metal art sculptures

Beautiful and Creative metal art sculptures – Toxel

Crazy Basketball goal

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New Czech Republic BMX video

Ondra Šléz DC videoprofil from jara.bmx on Vimeo.

KFC/Taco Bell Rats

Old ytv interlude