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Wordless Wednesday February 18th 2009

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009


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Musical Blast From the Past

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

The year was 2002, I was 17 and in grade 11 or 12, I was cursing the block in my BMW with two 10s in the trunk fighting to keep up with the volume I listened to my music at.

This was when single tracks were downloaded from Kazza and only Twenty or so tracks of questionable material could fit on a cd. Most of these Cd’s never got labeled anything more than than “Mix Cd”, however I found a case to one that I made and surprisingly I had penned out all the tracks, according to my chicken scratches this is was what I was listening to at the time:

Cam’ron feat Juelz Santana Oh Boy
Everyone probably remembers this track. Depending on your opinion the beat was either super annoying or really great. Since I had two versions of this song on this CD and I am still a fan of the production work of Just Blaze I would be the later of the two. I was never really a big Cam fan though, and I don’t care about his pool.

Nappy Roots – Aww Naw
I liked a few Nappy Roots songs honestly but never listened to an entire album. After giving this song a quick re listen its no doubt the main reason I liked this one is because it has tons of bass. This was my first system and I pretty much murdered those 10s. Quite a few songs on this cd got picked for bass no doubt.

Rob Jackson & Lady May Boom Boom Boom
Another song I liked cause of the bass, I had never heard of these two before this, and I am pretty sure I never listened to a song by them again, oh well. I can’t believe the say Lady May and Rob Jackson “Aristocrat’n.”

Big Tymers – I’m Still Fly
At this point I was still washing dishes at Montanas, but I was still Fly.

Busta Rhymes ft the Flip Mode Squad
Another heavy bass track. I still listened to this song in my last vehicle with a system cause I loved looking at cars in a blurry haze in the rear view mirror, those days are over though thanks to scummy thieves.

Ruff Ryders Ft JadaKiss and Bubba Sparxx
I didn’t even remember this song when I read it. Once the you tube started playing I had a very vague recollection but I can’t imagine why I would burn it on to a cd. Maybe just so I could say ‘Collipark Bubba Sparxx’.

Jermaine Dupri feat Too Short – Jazzy Hoes
Bass and Too Short canceled out the downsides of JD.
Too short baby don’t need to trick!

West Coast Bad Boys – Pop Lockin
Weeeeessst Coaaaast! C walkin, low lows, and Cali sunshine in the video. Snoop, WC, Master P, Silkk Da Shocker and E-40 are all on this track. Everyone except Silkk and P I would still listen to today. I still want a 64 Impala, and wish I could dance…

Lil Wayne – Fuck With Me Now
Weezy F Baby, don’t forget the F baby. Who would have figured that Wayne would be where he is now back then, or that I would still be listening to him today. When I downloaded this track I had never really heard of him, but it showed up in a search for Bass songs on a local car audio forum so I slapped it on here.

Ludacris – Saturday
“Ohh ohhh! I got a big weed stash, pocket fulla cash, just seen a big ol ass.”
I am pretty sure none of those things have happened to me at the same time ever.

Master P – Burbans and Lacs
I can’t keep writing off terrible songs because of tons of bass. So I have no excuse for this song.

Redman And Method Man – How High Part 2
Thankfully I don’t need to make an excuse for this song, its still live, apparently a how high part 3 movie is in the works. The videos worth a watch if you have not seen it in awhile, Red and Meth together are funny and apparently Method had corn rows.

Royce 5′9 – Boom
Holy shit, two good songs in a row! If you don’t already know Royce has been hot for over a minute now, and is down with DJ premiere, so this song is a banger. I didn’t know there was a video, Royce needs an excuse for that hat.

Mr Cheeks. – Lights Camera Action
This song was pretty catchy at the time, but I can’t stand it now and it ruined my streak of good songs. It’s actually the remix I have on the CD but I can’t seem to find a streaming version of it.

Royce 5′9 Danger
More Royce, this song was apparently on the GTA 3 sound track, how sick is that. Maybe I should pick that up.

Silkk Da Shocker feat Mystikal – It ain’t my fault
This song is an absolute mess, rubbish.

Dr Dre – Bad Intentions
The Doc, from ‘The Wash’ sound track I liked the beat and the verses were alright. I really wonder if De-tox is ever going to come out though.

This was the end of the track list, can’t say this list of songs is overly flattering to my musical tastes of the time, but it was six years ago, and a lot has changed since then but not my penmanship its still atrocious.