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Worldess Wed May 27th 2009

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Local GTA area parts theif
Joe Creti is a theif
“Here’s a pic of the suspected person. He’s also on a couple of other Toronto/Local car forums so just sending out the message.

Quick Summary:
- A local forum member’s lip was stolen in the afternoon in less than 10 minutes at Yorkdale Mall
- A white TSX was seen driving up to the car, the person got out and did what he did. Popped his trunk and took off
- Upon reviewing the surveillance footage, we found a TSX that matches a forum members with the same distinct features on the car
- The suspect says it’s not him, and goes on to say he’s not the person we have found him to be on the “other forum”
- A match in the photos, with the car, suspect and the username prove to be the same person, thus he is lying
- (on page 4) Noob creates another user account admitting to the theft and saying he is sorry the accused person had to be ridiculed by everyone

Here’s a picture of his car, incase you see it around”

Theif Joe Creti's Car

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